Natural Language Interface Gems

Hi, my name is Patrick van Bergen.

This website is my attempt to answer the following question:

What does it take to make a good Natural Language Interface for Knowledge Bases?

To answer this question I examine historic NLI systems.

"The NLI system" describes NLI systems in some detail.

"Systems chart" allows you to view features per system module, to see which features are more common than others, to select all systems that implement a given feature, and to compare the features of two or more systems.

"Timeline" is a brief overview of the history of NLI systems.

What systems are included?

I just include the systems that make a true effort to allow the user to approach a database with the full range of natural language.

Further restrictions I make:

The source code and raw data of this site can be found on Github

You can reach me at this e-mail address