Natural Language Interface Gems

Hi, my name is Patrick van Bergen.

This website is my attempt to answer the following question:

What does it take to make a good Natural Language Interface?

To answer this question I examine historic NLI systems. Each of them contains hidden gems, which are waiting to be found. "The NLI system" is my attempt to organize the results of this search. In "Systems" I am actively collecting all systems that have made a contribution to the field. "Timeline" is a brief history of the most influential concepts and techniques.

What systems are included?

The systems I am interested in:

  • Allow users to enter complex natural language sentences
  • Use an exact approach to create a response
  • Respond to the question in natural language
  • The data and rules are extendible by non-programmers
  • It has a public, detailed, description of its workings

The source code and raw data of this site can be found on Github

If you have any additions or remarks to make, or just want to chat with me, you can reach me at this e-mail address